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GIS Development magazine is now Geospatial World

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: On the occasion of the Map Asia 2010 conference, GIS Development magazine launched its new avatar, Geospatial World, the Geospatial Industry Magazine.

GIS Development, which started as an 8-page newsletter in 1997 has grown from strength to strength and today, is a reliable source of geospatial information in Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa, Europe, North America, and is now reaching out to South America very soon. Recognising the magazine’s expanding role in the geospatial community world over, GIS Development is transformed into a more appropriate, all encompassing and representative identity  and is rechristened  – Geospatial World – beginning with August 2010 edition.

Giving the rationale behind the name change, Sanjay Kumar, CEO, GIS Development Pvt Ltd says, “We have been mulling over the need to change the name to be more in tune with the times. The industry which began with the term ‘GIS’, was subject to debates and scrutiny by many experts and professionals. Few termed it as ‘GIS’; some as ‘Geo-Informatics’; and others termed it ‘Geomatics’. In fact now ‘GIS’ has become Geographical Information Science to reflect the scientific underpinnings of spatial technology and applications. If we look at developments in the past five years, we find that most of the companies and professionals began using a common term ‘Geospatial’ which encompasses in it features and characteristics of all the above terms. It not only expands the scope of technology coverage of this industry, but also provides a complete definition to this fast growing industry as it integrates with many associated disciplines like information technology, engineering, design, imaging and so on.”

Concurring with this change, www.gisdevelopment.net will now be www.geospatialworld.net. Geospatial World will reflect the aim and spirit of GIS Development to create awareness through incisive editorials, advocacy articles, online campaigns and newsletters. Prof Arup Dasgupta, Managing Editor (Honorary) says, “Geospatial World entails more responsibility to make our content global. This is a challenge and an opportunity. North America and Europe are very mature markets and are very open to share thoughts and information. On the other hand the Asian market has become more demanding in terms of the quality of information. There is a strong need for a market oriented magazine which can undertake stories on major trends and programmes of geospatial industry worldwide.”

The name of the company remains GIS Development Private Limited and will continue to use the existing logo to provide an umbrella cover to the conferences and publications of the company. Map World Forum, which has given the push to rename the magazine, shall be known as ‘Geospatial World Forum’. Geospatial World magazine and Geosptial World Forum are committed to promote and establish geospatial industry worldwide as an industry of independent standing.

Source: Our Correspondent