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GIS Development announces Latin American Geospatial Forum

New Delhi, India: GIS Development, with intent to expand its activities and programmes in Latin American continent, has announced their upcoming conference Latin American Geospatial Forum to be organised from 17th to 19th August 2011 at Barra Windsor Hotel, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, preceded by a pre-conference NMO-Industry exchange forum on 16th August 2011.

The Latin American Geospatial Forum is GIS Development’s first Annual Conference and Exhibition on Geospatial Information Technology and Applications in the region. It is a joint initiative of GIS Development and PC IDEA (UN Permanent Committee of Geospatial Data Infrastructure for Americas), which is a group of national mapping agencies of 24 countries of American region.

An increasingly dynamic participant in the world economy, Latin America is making its presence felt in the global geospatial arena. It has been making investments in geospatial technologies since long, initially for management of its abundant natural resources and extending it to areas like infrastructure and utilities. The industry is unanimous that the usage of geospatial technologies in Latin America has been encouraging with steady growth. As Brazil is hosting 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics, it is very evident that huge number of projects with regard to necessary infrastructure development and management of games are in the planning stage. Keeping this in mind, Latin American Geospatial Forum, themed Bringing Global Perspective to Local Action, would highlight the need for firmly placing geospatial knowledge at the core of economic and development agenda of the nation and contribute towards raising the level of awareness and profile of geospatial industry and develop linkages with political and administrative set up of the region.

The conference aims to facilitate collaborative atmosphere to build and connect geospatial community with different user communities like mining, utilities, energy, transport, municipalities, environment, constructions and engineering and many more, and in turn strengthen the Latin American Geospatial Industry.

Speaking on the occasion Sanjay Kumar, the Chief Executive Officer of GIS Development said, “Brazil is a country having rich abundance of natural resources in the form of mineral deposits, oil and gas reserves, agro climate, diverse forests, and largest pool of natural drinking water. And to supplement the natural resources, the country has unparalleled human resources with a unique distinction of cultural values and co-existing spirits. State of Rio de Janeiro has successfully applied geospatial technology in all departments and activities such as development of municipal GIS, health, utility, environment, scientific planning, e-governance solutions, use of web GIS for publishing the data for tax assessment, to mention a few. This appreciation of the value of technology for development is truly noteworthy, making it an ideal city to launch the first Latin American Geospatial Forum.”

The main conference programme of Latin American Geospatial Forum shall consist of a number of sessions spread across three days covering a variety of topics on technology trends, policy reforms and end user applications. The conference agenda shall include plenary and keynote sessions, symposia, seminars, workshops, technical sessions, technology shows and a state-of-the-art exhibition, would bring all stakeholders in the geospatial domain: government, academia, researchers, students, and the industry – onto one platform to come forward and share their learning and experiences with each other and rest of the world. For more details visit: https://www.lagf.org/

Source: GIS Development