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GIS database for property valuation and taxation

Craig McDaniel, vice president of Sanborn, a geographic information system (GIS) and photogrammetry industry, announced that Greene County, Ohio’s auditor selected Sanborn for a countywide GIS and photogrammetry project. The data Sanborn provides will be used to enhance the Greene County Graphic Information Management System, or GIMS, the county’s GIS database.

During the project’s data acquisition phase, Sanborn will establish new ground control and provide paneling of existing control, acquire 1²=600¢ negative scale photography, and perform lidar terrain mapping. Sanborn will then generate 6-inch pixel resolution black-and-white digital orthophoto imagery, 2-foot contour mapping, and limited planimetric mapping, which will include roads, street centerlines and hydrologic features. The planimetric and contour maps will be delivered in ESRI ArcInfo 8.0 coverage format. The project will be completed by March of 2004.

The Greene County GIS department will use the new orthophotos to maintain the existing GIS database, which it uses for property valuation and taxation of the nearly 148,000 people who reside in the 421-square mile county. The county auditor will provide the project data to a variety of users through GIMS; the newer, accurate planimetric and topographic data will be used to enhance the existing database. With a rich tradition of mapping dating back to 1866, Sanborn offers a full suite of GIS and photogrammetric mapping services to federal, state, and local governments, as well as private companies. The company’s core services include data acquisition, photogrammetric mapping, and data conversion. The company has offices in the United States and abroad.