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GIS-compatible data for Mexic?s energy infrastructure

MAPSearch has released a complete, GIS-compatible dataset covering the energy infrastructure of Mexico for use in evaluating new opportunities in this evolving market. Users can access previously unavailable information in order to evaluate international business development opportunities, regional gas supply/demand scenarios and competitor activities. The Mexico Dataset includes map-able information on all aspects of the petroleum energy infrastructure including natural gas, crude and refined product pipelines, oil and gas fields, refineries, compressor stations and pipeline interconnections. In addition, the dataset provides industrial parks, hydrocarbon fired power plants as well as country and state boundaries, railroad lines, railroad stations, railroad stops, roads, hydrology, major cites, ports, and 1km digital elevation model data.The Mexico database is developed from the most current and relevant resources using internal PEMEX maps and support documents augmented with proprietary data from current investors in Mexico’s infrastructure and with the aid of ongoing news reports from Oil & Gas Journal and third-party sources. The MAPSearch Mexico Dataset represents the most comprehensive and complete information available for Mexico’s energy infrastructure and will enable users to quickly conduct analyses, incorporate internal data and produce high-quality maps and graphics.