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GIS Cloud re-shapes solutions

London, UK: GIS Cloud, a web based mapping software and platform, announced they are re-shaping their service to better fit their users’ needs. Now, it easier to use, more cost efficient, provide more flexibility with a focus on solving particular users’ challenges. New solutions will be provided for organisations, governments, consultants and system integrators.

Through a press statement, GIS Cloud stated that they are closely collaborating with their users to be able to better understand their needs and deliver better services. Having a modular and flexible service at their hand helps their users to:
– Cut unnecessary GIS software and IT costs,
– Integrate GIS Cloud easily into existing work-flows and software setups,
– Improve data exchange and management, and
– Reduce time to projects delivery.

The new GIS Cloud offer is focused on reducing pain for many GIS professionals. This is mostly related to publishing data online, but also providing users with more cloud based geo applications and solutions.

The innovative HTML5 mapping engine released a few months ago has opened up new horizons and provided new ways of visualising spatial data online. Publishing big data maps with several millions of features, rendered on the fly on a client, has opened up new possibilities.

For full information on the upcoming solutions take a look at this GIS Cloud blog post.

Source: GIS Cloud