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GIS Cloud launches crowdsourcing solution

GIS Cloud launches crowdsourcing solution that gives their existing and long term clients an possibility to get a fully customized and branded crowdsourcing remedy.

UK: GIS Cloud has officially launched its crowdsourcing solution. With the new release, GIS Cloud gives their existing and long term clients an possibility to get a fully customized and branded crowdsourcing remedy that is available to organizations of all sizes which can be deployed more rapidly than other custom-made options on the market place.

Cities, regional governments, and organizations close to the world will be able to provide a basic app for reporting issues, giving solutions or mapping the areas of curiosity using mobile products or a net browser.

Submitters will be able to pick different possibilities, add pictures, create feedback and mark spots. City or organization administrators will be in a position to approve or decline submissions, see statistics and produce reviews.
Dino Ravnić, the CEO and Co-founder of GIS Cloud, stated:

“GIS Cloud Crowdsourcing is bringing organizations a straightforward and straightforward way of gathering useful data and suggestions from their communities. Becoming totally integrated with our platform and our cloud-based mostly mapping products, Crowdsourcing is our stage more in delivering on a guarantee of a real genuine-time map collaboration. The team is fired up to see how our users will make the ideal out of our newest remedy.”

With the GIS Cloud Crowdsourcing answer, organizations will get branded mobile apps for Android and iOS accessible on Google Play and App Store, a branded and personalized world wide web portal, and a web admin app. The organizations will be ready to test the solution in purchase to make certain that almost everything is working before releasing applications to the wider public.

The important advantage is total integration of GIS Cloud Crowdsourcing with other GIS Cloud products, which permits that collected data is utilized in the Map Editor for even more customizations, reporting and data management as properly as in Mobile Information Assortment that permits easy inspections and other comply with-on in-field routines after the data has been crowdsourced.