GIS center offers weather updates based on satellite images

GIS center offers weather updates based on satellite images


Rwanda, 6 July 2006: The Center for Geographical Information Systems (CGIS) at the National University of Rwanda (NUR) is to use its new Meteosat (MSG) Satellite Technology to relay daily weather updates to Rwanda television for its viewers, disclosed Florent Lasry, an expert at NUR’s CGIS.

Lasry said that the Meteosat’s second generation is a satellite system that captures images from all over Africa and are received at the CGIS center at Butare by powerful and ultra capacity computers.

He explained that images sent by the MSG satellite can then be used to monitor meteorological changes like temperature, rainfall, wind, water resource management, soil erosion management, lake and river level monitoring, agriculture and crop management, in addition to monitoring fire in game parks and forests.

“Meteosat satellite records images automatically in every after 15 minutes, someone on our computers can easily know the weather changes all over Africa, the most affected areas with soil erosion, area affected by fire in addition to providing useful data, like maps and images that can be use for educational reasons,” Lasry explained.

“The use of this Meteosat satellite technology is of great importance, its use would help us in controlling and monitoring the level of River Nile, a river that is so important to many African countries,” Frank Habineza, the National Co-coordinator of Nile Basin Discourse Forum in Rwanda who was one of the participants, commented.