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GIS being used for National Leprosy Eradication Programme in Tamil Nadu, India

Danida / Danlep, Tamil Nadu has chosen and deployed “Spinfo Tamil Nadu” for its Spatial Visualization and Analysis needs. Spinfo Tamil Nadu is a product of Spatial Data Private Limited, Bangalore.

Dr. N. Murugesan, State Project Co-ordinator of the Danish Assistance to National Leprosy Eradication Programme, Tamil Nadu, says…. “We chose Spinfo Tamil Nadu for two major reasons. 1) Map Data upto Revenue Village Polygons is in-built with the application, and 2) the application itself is very user-friendly and is best suited for decision makers”.

DANIDA (Danish International Development Assistance) has been supporting in the implementation of MDT (Multi Drug Treatment) programme in India. DANLEP (Danish Assistance to National Leprosy Eradication Programme) has been assisting NLEP in Tamil Nadu since 1986. Among the programme’s thrust areas one has been in “Experimenting computerized Management Information system/Simplification of Recording and Reporting system”. A GIS has been recognized as a critical component in this.

The ultimate outcome of all these interventions/efforts shall enable the NLEP to reduce disease burden and accelerate the process of reaching the goal of “Elimination of Leprosy” in Tamil Nadu. Spinfo Tamil Nadu is a ready to utilize GIS product, combining easy to use features and digital maps and related information on the state of Tamil Nadu. The product provides a complete State Level Map, and a separate map of each District. Desktop and Client- Server versions of the application have been made available by using the Spinfo SIS, and Spinfo SIS JE Map Engines respectively.

The map layers available are State, District, Taluk, and Village Boundaries. Taluk Head Quarter Points, and Roads classified as National Highways, State Highways, and Other Roads. Tabular data attached to the map features include demographic details, and District Economic Profiles. Software Features include Map Interaction Tools, Map Analysis Tools, Import Tabular Data, Map Annotation, and Print Tool.

Spatial Data Private Limited (Spinfo) provides innovative Geographic Information System (GIS) based software solutions that deliver the value of “location intelligence” to businesses, Government, and individuals. Solutions by Spinfo are pertinent to client’s needs, and are cost-effective. Spinfo has developed GIS platforms for the Desktop, Intranet, and Internet environments.