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GIS-based weather model to predict future disasters

Korea: Researchers from High Impact Weather Research Centre (HIWRC) at South Korea’s Gangneung-Wonju National University have developed a new device which could soon predict natural disasters before they even hit. The device uses GIS technology and is a weather model known as the Korea Local Analysis and Prediction System to forecast weather up to twelve hours before impact.

“It does so by investigating the relationship between extreme climatic conditions and past natural disasters. Since it is GIS enabled, it gives users the capability to determine the areas likely to be directly impacted by a natural disaster. GIS is a powerful technology. Once it’s integrated with a weather model such as KLAPS, it becomes even more powerful because it allows us to prevent significant damages in property, loss of lives, and substantial economic losses caused by natural disasters” said, Dr Chul Sohn, a geospatial expert from the HIWRC.

Source: Future gov