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GIS-based tree census in Indian City

Ahmedabad, India: Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC), Gujarat University (GU) and Gujarat State Forest Department in India have geared up to establish a GIS-based data base after the first ever tree census in Ahmedabad city.

The proposed tree census would require service of around 3000 people to carry out the survey in 64 wards of the city. The census is likely to start from the first week of May this year. “At the end of the survey, we would not only have total figure of tree population in the city. But this would also include minute details of specific tree population.” said course director at the Bio Informatics department at GU, Dr. YT Jasrai.

Deputy Municipal Commissioner for parks and garden department, SK Langa, said that the tree census would enable to get reliable scientific documentation of tree species which are rare in the city, define the number of trees per individual in city, a reliable indicator of climate change and C-stock and the greening efforts required for the city.

If go by an estimated tree population – Ahmedabad has around 4.5% of green cover which is very less than the required green cover of the 12%. Benefits of adding green cover include:
– By meeting WHO standards for air quality, about USD 20 per person a year may be saved in health costs.
– Due to micro-climate, about INR 130 million in electricity, may be saved — a benefit for consumers.

Source: DNA India