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GIS-based tool to evaluate groundwater

Taiwan: SuperGeo developed Groundwater Recharge Potential Evaluation Platform for Taiwan. The platform aims to collect complete data of different areas by evaluating groundwater recharge potential and creating a groundwater mode. The company believes that it will enhance accuracy of hydrogeology map of groundwater area and groundwater resources will be evaluated efficiently.

Since 1991, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan, has studied hydrogeology in nine groundwater areas and established several groundwater investigation wells. The Ministry has also gathered the hydrogeology data, built hydrogeology database, monitoring system, and core repository. With this, researchers got an initial observation of numerous natural groundwater recharge areas.

Applying SuperGIS Desktop, plus SuperGIS Spatial Analyst and SuperGIS Spatial Statistical Analyst extentions, Groundwater Recharge Potential Evaluation Platform is the tool developed with Microsoft Access database and VB programming language.

The platform is able to assist the staff in delimiting groundwater recharge areas, and also simulate the information of each groundwater recharge area, like recharge rate, pumping rate, flow rate, recharge potential, water table, etc.

Moreover, the platform employs Kriging and linear interpolation to map and visualise the point data so that the recharge capability of each location can be presented clearly.

Meanwhile, the company has made two major announcements. First is the development of a platform for sustainable digital map database of transportation networks, using SuperGIS Desktop and SuperGIS Image Server. Another announcement is about SuperPad, the full function mobile GIS software. It has been selected by the Centre for Exploration Targeting at the University of Western Australia (UWA). The procurement was recommended by Cody Corporation, SuperGeo’s exclusive reseller in Australia and New Zealand.

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