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GIS-based tool aids agencies in assessing property risk

Wildfire Risk Model, courtesy DewberryUS: Dewberry has announced the development of the Wildfire Risk Model, a new tool that incorporates multiple layers of geospatial information to assess risk due to wildfires.

The Wildfire Risk Model provides risk detail at a 30-meter resolution, allowing for address-level assessments rather than the standard, less reliable zip code-based analyses. The programme helps assess a broad range of elements that impact risk, including fuel, weather, slope, topography, wind patterns, and fire history. The tool is designed to aid communities, state and federal agencies, insurance companies, and homeowners in assessing property risk and developing mitigation plans. Laurel McGinley, Senior Associate at Dewberry, believes that the model will help communities and companies identify the local level of risk and identify strategies to mitigate risk.

Source: Dewberry