Home News ‘GIS-based system making Indian roads safer’

‘GIS-based system making Indian roads safer’

Chennai, India: The GIS-based Road Accident Data Management System (RADMS) made roads safer in Tamil Nadu State, India, observed a report published in Times of India. The system helped the concerning administration identify 37 accident-prone areas and initiate measures to tackle the situation.

“Though Kerala was the first state to implement the software, Tamil Nadu was the first to use it extensively,” said K Sadanandam, assistant chief engineer for road safety in the highways department. RADMS was developed by a private firm in 2009 with a World Bank loan of INR 2 crore.

According to the report, the RDMS collects all kinds of information about accidents. Once the data is feed in, the system figures out a pattern on the basis of which remedial measures are taken. Later, the state transport department allots finance for the recommendations to be carried out. This year, the department allotted INR 21.60 crore out of its annual budget of INR 40 crore for road safety.

Three government agencies, departments of transport and highways and the state police are using the RADMS to collect data. They said that it is crucial to reducing accident rates in the state. For every accident that happens in the state at least two officials from each department from the respective districts reach the accident spot within 24 hours for fatal accidents and three days for non-fatal ones. The department officials then fill out separate details.

Police, the biggest stakeholder for the project, will enter details like location, number of vehicles involved, drugs or alcohol abuse, while the transport department would fill details like driver education, licence type, defects of the vehicle.

The highways departments looks in to details like lack of infrastructure which may have been the cause of the accident, like need for lighting, the curvature of the road and so on.

Source: TOI