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GIS-based study of domestic waste issue in India

Allahabad, India: In an attempt to understand the magnitude and genesis of the problem generated through domestic waste in an Indian city, Allahabad, Dr AR Siddiqui – an associate professor of the department of Geography, Allahabad University, has done extensive survey with the help of GIS and remote sensing.

Dr. Siddiqui said claimed that the city generates 5,34,760 kg of domestic solid wastes everyday, while per capita generation of waste is 0.40 kg per day. He elaborated, “Wastes generated by domestic, commercial and industrial activities are often indiscriminately disposed and unscientific management of such wastes further leads to serious environmental and health problems.”

Explaining the magnitude of the problem, the expert said that urban areas are growing bigger with increasing influx of people, thereby creating demand for support services like water supply, adequate transportation facilities, drainage, sewerage, garbage collection and disposal facilities.

Source: TOI