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GIS-based road maintenance in Assam, India

Guwahati, India: Indian State Assam is planning to set up a GIS-based road asset management system by 2012 to streamline the maintenance of road network in the state. The state government will have to incorporate the system as part of its plan to improve nearly 800 km of state roads to obtain the USD 200 million loan from the World Bank.

The road asset management system, to be executed by the Public Works Department (PWD), will help to identify the requirements for widening of roads, strengthening of pavements and bridges and their maintenance. It will prioritise these needs based on economic and other factors and prepare a multi-year rolling programme for road network improvement and an annual maintenance plan.

According to PWD official, “Under the system, all records of road network will be kept in a single module. The asset management system, which will include road inventory, will help in the maintenance process. Earlier, there was no such asset management system. The asset records were kept in respective divisions.”

Source: www.telegraphindia.com