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GIS-based oil pipeline route planning earns excellence award

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Abdullateef Balogun, a Nigerian researcher, developed a GIS-based method to find optimal way to route oil pipelines and mitigate disasters. For this innovative work, Abdullateef got an excellence award at the International Conference on Future Environment and Energy in Singapore.

Speaking to All Africa, Abdullateef said that the primary objective of his research was to guide decision makers to select the best pipeline route from multiple alternatives “a route that will be environmentally friendly and financially viable. With the intricate integration of spatial and non-spatial techniques, we are positive our model will be a significant improvement on existing models.”

Abdullateef’s paper is the product of an on-going research at Universiti Teknologi Petronas’ (UTP), Malaysia, Civil Engineering Department (Geomatics Research Group). The researcher further said, “Under the supervision of Associate Professor Abdul-Nasir Matori and Associate Professor Khamaruzaman Yusof, we are trying to use GIS and other related tools to precisely simulate and forecast the best possible pipeline route for transporting crude oil from its source to intended destination.”

Adullateef explained that his research will also benefit Nigeria. “This application can be of immense benefit to states like Niger, Kwara, Ogun, Bauchi, etc. where crude oil has recently been discovered. In selecting the best route for pipelines that will transport crude oil within the states, the proposed model will provide decision makers with diverse backgrounds and interests; a unique opportunity to view issues from a common lens and objectively analyse various feasible routing options,” the researcher elucidated.

Source: All Africa