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GIS-based map-enabled search for voter identification in Gurgaon

Locating a name on the voters list can be a tedious exercise. However, voters of Gurgaon Assembly constituency in Haryana can breathe easy this time. Living up to its tag of “Millennium City”, Gurgaon has become the first city in India to get a Geographic Information System-based map-enabled search for voter identification.

Featured on the website of Haryana Chief Electoral Officer (ceoharyana.eci.gov.in), the “GIS Search for Gurgaon” enables a Gurgaon voter to scan the map of the constituency right up to the street-level and locate all polling stations. Once he reaches the polling station stage, he can search voters lists to locate his name.

“This is a pilot-project and Gurgaon was chosen as it had a history of people not finding their names on the electoral rolls,” said Rajesh Aggarwal, director IT, Election Commission of India and supposedly the brain behind the project.

The EC is learnt to be all set to introduce a similar service for Delhi in a few days and extend it to the entire country later. A private company dealing in digital map data library is also helping out.

“The entire concept is revolutionary since GIS not just helps a voter spot his locality on a map but also the nearest polling booths and the voters list at each of the booths,” said Aggarwal. “Also, once a voter finds his name in a particular polling station, he can take a printout and find his way to the polling station,” he added.

Aggarwal said during the last LS polls, despite the availability of most of the voters-list on the Internet, many voters were often left in a quandary when their names didn’t appear in the search results. Also, if a voter didn’t know his polling station, it became all the more difficult. “This system takes care of all that,” he said.