GIS-based land info in Uttar Pradesh, India

GIS-based land info in Uttar Pradesh, India


Lucknow, India: Lucknow, Capital city of Uttar Pradesh State, India, will make the layout plans of Lucknow Development Authority’s (LDA) housing schemes and properties available online through an Integrated Computerisation technology. This would enable the public to access the location and development status of the area before applying for allotment of property in LDA’s housing schemes.

The Integrated Computerisation would have two features — Graphical User Interface (GUI) and Geographical Information System (GIS). The major thrust would be on GIS-based applications through which the development authority would put online the satellite pictures of different housing schemes, roads, drains and parks. The LDA will tie up with Lucknow-based Remote Sensing Applications Centre to access related pictures, besides uploading video recordings of different roads and parks. “GIS mapping would help engineers draft the layout plans of housing schemes and also the masterplan of its development area,” said the LDA official.

The GUI would be for the not-so-technology-savvy consumers and LDA employees. Through GUI, such people would be able to operate computers using touch-screen and graphics. To receive offers from the best software agencies, stringent eligibility conditions have been proposed, added the official. In 2007, the state government mooted the idea of the Integrated Application Software Package (IASP) in all development authorities and UP Housing and Development Board (UPHDB), said the official. Birla Soft, an IT firm, was selected to computerise and interconnect all development agencies.

Through IASP, property details in all development authorities and UPHDB were to be made available online. The firm had also started uploading online the property data, but the exercise was stopped a year later. “Implementation of IASP failed six months ago, but the LDA has now decided to use a more advanced software,” said the LDA official.

Source: Indian Express