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GIS-based Epidemic Information Management for Taiwan

Taiwan: SuperGeo developed Epidemic Information Management GIS, a query system using Web-GIS to effectively integrate various related databases, to assist the Center for Disease Control in controlling the epidemic information in Taiwan.

GIS has been utilised for spatial analysis of communicable epidemic resources and diseases in many countries. For example, Center for Disease Control, Department of Health, Executive Yuan, is the Competent Authority responsible for the prevention and cure of domestic communicable diseases. The center is in charge of the prevention of communicable diseases and provides information about the epidemic cases and surveillance. Also, the center has the complete epidemic information in Taiwan.

Using Web-GIS as the architecture foundation, the Center for Disease Control has developed a set of Epidemic Information Management GIS, to be the most suitable tool to control the domestic epidemic information as well as for the spatial distribution. 

Developed with .NET technology, Epidemic Information Management GIS is mainly used to help the related staff query and map various epidemic information. The system adopts SuperWebGIS as the map server platform to publish the epidemic information and maps saved in geodatabases to the Internet. Users can easily query information through common browsers without installing any plug-ins.

In terms of databases, Microsoft SQL Server 2003 and Oracle are employed as the tools to save, maintain, and manage various types of communicable disease data. Therefore, the system can efficiently provide the real-time and valid epidemic information for the competent authorities, medical organisations, and the public.

Six functions are developed to deal with epidemic information, including Surveillance Information, Inoculation Surveillance, Investigation of Vector Mosquito, Virus Information, Goods and Materials for Disease Prevention and Mapping Analysis.

As a result, the system not only effectively integrates the related disease databases in entire Taiwan, but also allows the Center to effectively control the epidemic information and the spatial distribution, and make better policies.

Meanwhile, SuperGeo announced that the General Chamber of Commerce, the Republic of China (Taiwan), appointed Super Wang, CEO of SuperGeo Technologies, as the member of “The Promotion Committee of the Development and Application in Geospatial Information Industry.” Founded in 1946, General Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting the common interests of private sector business in Taiwan.

The company has also announced that SuperWebGIS 3 is able to help enterprises to build up a suitable load balancing mechanism to enhance the performance and load capability of their website systems.

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