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GIS-based economic and social indicator for China

Taiwan: SuperGeo Technologies has developed ‘China Economic and Social Indicator GIS’, a platform that provides thematic maps and statistic charts to study the future development trends of Mainland China. By WebGIS technology, users can quickly access the needed data related to the society and economy.

Developed with .NET technology, the system mainly offers thematic maps and supports queries related to economic and social indicator data. SuperWebGIS has been adopted as the platform to publish the statistic data and maps stored in the geodatabase as map services to the Internet. Users can easily query through the browser without installing any plug-ins.

The front-end of China Economic and Social Indicator GIS covers six functions: Basic Map Manipulation, Layer Management, Economic and Social Indicator Query, Export Thematic Map and Statistic Chart, Export Analysis Data and Layer Download. In addition, the administrator can edit and set up geodata anytime to ensure the availability and practicability of the files.

Meanwhile the company informed that Super Wang, CEO of SuperGeo Technologies, has become one of the board members of Maction Technologies Inc.

SuperGeo Technologies and Maction Technologies will start further strategic alliance in Asia to provide more solutions in navigation and LBS (Location Based Service). Maction is known for its navigation system product, PAPAGO. Moreover, the company has developed technologies in 3D Landmark, Elevated road, Terrain elevation, 3D city maps, etc., and provides comprehensive product lines in PND (Portable Navigator), OBU (On-Board-Unit), Smartphone, etc.

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