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GIS-based database of NZ sedimentary basins prepared

New Zealand: The first systematic GIS-based compilation and interpretation of geological data, leading to improved understanding of the structure and distribution of sedimentary basins in the New Zealand region has been released.

The New Zealand Extended Continental Shelf SEEBASE GIS project delivers a 1:3,000,000 GIS-based, geophysically constrained, depth to basement geological model across New Zealand’s onshore, territorial sea, exclusive economic zone and extended continental shelf.

“The project provides new interpretation and modelling in a cohesive, country-wide GIS-based package. This provides a foundation to guide relevant national resource delineation activities, inform allocation of acreage via the government’s Block Offer permitting rounds and it provides context for more detailed petroleum systems evaluation,” says Dr Brad Ilg, Manager Petroleum Strategy, Planning and Promotion.

Source: Scoop