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GIS-based area marketing platform from Kokusai Kogyo

Japan: Kokusai Kogyo Co. Ltd., part of the Kokusai Kogyo Group, has concluded a memorandum with AutoNavi Software Co. Ltd. and will start providing the first GIS-based area marketing platform service in China.

In its 2011 mid-term management plan, Kokusai Kogyo Group announced its objective of achieving green communities in the world through its three core businesses: green energy, green property, and geospatial information. In particular, in recognition of the increasingly wide application of high-level geospatial information and its ubiquitous presence in everyday business activities, Kokusai Kogyo Group has expanded its geospatial information consulting services, which previously catered almost exclusively to government clients, to encompass the needs of corporate clients both domestic and overseas.

The increasing demand for area marketing analysis services – crucial for franchise development, customer management, and supply management – has been identified in China, where a burgeoning consumer economy continues to support expanding retail, logistics, and food service industries. Kokusai Kogyo Group and AutoNavi has thus released an area marketing platform service, in which marketing information across key regions in China can be analysed using GIS and displayed through an Internet-based map data delivery service, for corporate clients planning to enter, or growing rapidly within, the Chinese market.

The product, which combines the technology of Kokusai Kogyo Group’s GIS area marketing tool Earth Finder and AutoNavi’s map delivery service MapABC, has been successfully tested in the Chinese market since January. Through MapABC, created by one of the leading technology companies in car navigation systems and mapping services in China, the product will access independently gathered market data on commercial facilities, stores by business type, and consumer price indices. The strength of the product lies in the analysis of potential market bases, with numbers and information delivered through the intuitive and graphic interface of EarthFinder, an established Kokusai Kogyo Group GIS area marketing tool, supported for over 10 years in the Japanese market.

The product provides the tools to compare and analyze potential franchise locations, predict the effect on sales with the identification of competitors, and suggest the most effective promotional activities, making use of accumulated marketing know-how from the preceding Earth Finder and MapABC, adjusted for the unique conditions of Chinese markets.

Source: www.kk-grp.jp