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GIS assists development of Indian rural roads

The National Rural Road Development Authority (NRRDA) in India working for development of Rural Roads under Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojna (PMGSY) Scheme is using GIS for planning and decision making. PMGSY scheme is aiming towards connecting all habitations having population 250 or above in tribal or desert areas and 500 or above for rest of the habitations by 2007 in India. The huge GIS database creation is under progress. The attribute data are being populated using an Online Management, Monitoring and Accounting System (OMMAS). The OMMAS can be accessed by citizens also to view the status of various rural roads. Standalone GIS software GRIMMS is being developed to provide customized interface for the government officials who are new to GIS and Web GIS is also being developed to provide the transparency in system and will provide the information to public in spatial format in addition to government officials. The Public Works Department, Rajasthan is playing leading role in creating GIS database and implementation of PMGSY scheme and applauded by World Bank and many foreign countries. C-DAC, Pune is providing technical assistance.

Rajasthan Rural Road Development Authority