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GIS aids water supply system in Malaysia

Malaysia: Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor Sdn Bhd (SYABAS) – a water supply company in Malaysia, launched the Operation Command Centre (OCC), as a step to improve their clean water supply system.

The new system has three key factors governing its success, the Scada wireless system, GIS and a hydraulic model. The Scada system uses high technology communication devices like the Viola M2M Solution that can be used via 3G and GPRS to monitor the situation from the OCC.

The GIS system, on the other hand, helps to project real-time data as well as store data related to incidents at certain locations, while the hydraulic model is used to measure the water pressure and water flow.

“This Scada system is the largest in the region and we have done this through a collaboration with Siemens Malaysia and CD Electrical Engineering,” said Syabas Chief Executive Officer Datuk Ruslan Hassan.

A total of RM27.5 million was set aside for the first phase of this project involving the installation of 250 Scada systems at 114 pump houses and 182 ponds.

Source: The Star