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GIS aiding Rwanda in urban planning and development

Rwanda: Rwanda is using GIS in digital economic planning and development. It raised its ranks as the fastest growing technology and investment hub in the African continent, allAfrica.com reported.

Through GIS, information is collected on specific sectors and put together for easy access. The information is used by government and the private sector to plan effectively.

“We believe that GIS also stands for development, because there is no development without planning and there is no planning without knowledge, where your assets are- be it schools, health centers markets, roads power lines,” said Kaspar Kundert the Managing Director Esri Rwanda Ltd. “You have to know where you want to build them or know where they are when it comes to maintaining them,” Kundert added.

“Because money is always scarce, it’s important to plan how best to spend it, where to concentrate, where to invest; what’s the technology to answer all these “where” questions, to support your spatial decisions? It is GIS,” he said.

According to Grace Iraguha, Senior GIS Expert at Rwanda Development Board, the government needs to use the GIS since it is a decision making tool. Iraguha said that the GIS would failitate tracking viable investment information that investors need besides helping the government to trace how services are evenly distributed.

Source: allafrica.com