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GIS aiding in polio eradication in Nigeria

Nigeria: Public health officials in Nigeria are using GIS technology to improve the quality of maps that tell vaccinators where to go for polio vaccines. They are also using GPS technology to monitor the movement of vaccination teams. This kind of surveillance reduces the chances a team will miss an area that still harbours the disease.

The global health community has done an amazing job on polio, reducing the number of paralysis cases from 350,000 in 1988 to less than 200 so far this year. In 1988, more than 125 countries were endemic. Today, only three remain.

The use of digital mapping technology underlines the minute level of detail, planning and organisation required to completely eradicate polio. I’m optimistic that it will really help vaccinators cover the “last mile” in the delivery of polio vaccines.

Source: The Gates Notes