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GIS aiding coffee farming in Rwanda

Rwanda: Weather has always been the farmer’s biggest concern. To deal with this issue in Rwanda, Dr. Tim Schilling (agronomist) and Dr. Michele Adesir-Schilling (geographer) applied GIS for coffee processing-centre placement, tree replacement, and selection of special “terroirs” for Rwandan coffee.
Dr Schilling and Adesir developed “a GIS-based tool that ‘linked space to taste’ by connecting specific characteristics in coffee taste profiles with those environmental factors that might have an influence on those profiles.” Their method has not only increased income of Rwanda’s coffee farmers but also helped to provide stability for the future Rwandan coffee supply.
According to Dr. Schilling, “This research will not only seek to increase the quality of coffee, but also the amount of specialty coffee available to the world market, through better cultivation practices, better post-harvest processing of coffee cherries, better transportation and storage systems, and improved coffee varieties.”
Source: www.roaste.com