GIS aid to tourism in the valley of Valcorba, Spain

GIS aid to tourism in the valley of Valcorba, Spain


Valcorba, Spain: Santibáñez de Valcorba municipality in Spain is promoting tourism in the valley of Valcorba – known for hiking and mountain biking, under Miconaturval project. The municipality is investing 129,000 euros and building GIS-based website for the valley. It will enable self guided tour for tourists through a mobile application.

Miconaturval project aims to promote and develop rural areas through tourism. Under this project, the municipality will also set-up interactive tourist information points in town halls and tourist offices so that visitors can schedule a visit with all the necessary data.

Oscar Reinoso, Mayor of Pililla Montemayor, said, “Everyone that comes with 3G mobile or a PDA (handheld computer), can download routes via Internet or connect instantly to the portal that will mark routes, their main features and points of interest.”

“The service of PDA with the uploaded routes can also be rented at various municipal facilities for the visitor,” added Reinoso.