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GIS aid in developing solar parks

UK: Environmental consultancy firm, ADAS, has teamed up with the solar PV expert Enfinity to scope out sites for the development of 50MW of solar parks in southern England and south Wales in 2011. The firm is scoping out suitable sites for solar power to be installed using a bespoke GIS screening tool. Such sites need to be flat, have good electricity connectivity and minimal visual impact.

Over the past six months, the project has identified 12 potential sites in these regions that would be suitable for solar park development, offering landowners a 25-year land lease agreement.

Jon Abbatt, principal consultant at ADAS, said that such solar projects offer farmers, landowners and land managers a new and interesting way of creating a reliable revenue stream, creating emission-free electricity.

ADAS has also been working with farmers on roof-based PV systems for agricultural buildings, grain stores, poultry sheds and cattle stores that can be converted into sustainable solar hubs and connected to the grid.

Source: www.siliconrepublic.com