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GIS aid for tourism in South Korea

Seoul, South Korea: In an effort to boost tourism in Seoul, the capital city of South Korea, the city government has upgraded its GIS portal. The upgraded portal now boasts of multi-lingual location-based services available in Korean, English, Japanese and Chinese languages which would provide information on 19 cultural sites, walking tour programmes in Seoul and video streams of the city’s many tourist attractions.

According to an official statement from Seoul Metropolitan Government, the city will link the information on the walking tour courses with the GIS portal’s maps so that foreign travellers can easily find their destinations and allow them to tour major cultural attractions in Seoul on foot. The GIS portal would offer maps and detailed location-related information about cultural sites where foreign tourists can learn about Korea’s customs and traditions and enjoy authentic traditional delicacies.

Official tourism statistics show a consistent upward trend of foreign tourists in South Korea. Foreign tourist arrivals exceeded 7 million, with Japanese tourists accounting nearly 40 per cent or 2.75 million, followed by Chinese tourists at 1.22 million, and Americans at 550,000.

The English version of Seoul’s GIS Portal can be visited through the following link: https://gis.seoul.go.kr/SeoulGis/EnglishMap.html

Source: www.futuregov.asia