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GI institute introduces Topcon IP-S2 mobile survey system

China: The Foundation Geographical Information Institute (FGII) of Shanxi Province, China, introduced a new technology —the Topcon IP-S2 Mobile Survey System — to the region. Wu Boyi, Deputy Director, Shanxi FGII, said, “To my knowledge, we are the first entity to introduce a vehicle-mounted mobile survey system in our country, China. As an exclusive publisher of maps, cityscape models and other geographical information of Shanxi province, we needed to utilise this new technology to revolutionise our workflow in order to meet the exploding demand for our products.”

Further, Wu further added, “Most of the detailed maps in our region (specified maps and analysers) are available to licensed surveyors only and the maps for general public often have incomplete information. We have an ambitious plan to create new web-based digital maps that provide the general citizen with additional values. For these goals, we were looking for the most effective surveying technologies and the IP-S2 was exactly the one we needed.”

“Incorporating around-the-corner sensing technologies such as high-precision GNSS receivers, IMU (inertial measurement unit), vehicle wheel encoders, 360-degree digital video camera and laser scanners, the IP-S2 offers high-speed, cost-effective 3D spatial data collection solutions,” said Osamu Hoshida, Topcon Corporation’s special adviser for the mobile surveying and mapping technologies.

The IP-S2 system was delivered to Shanxi FGII in January.  Shanxi Bureau of Surveying and Mapping established the first and only training centre in Asia specialised for the 3D mobile surveying and mapping technologies in cooperation with Beijing Topcon Business & Trading Limited (BTBT), a Topcon distributor.

Source: Topcon Positioning