Ghana university to launch its first satellite

Ghana university to launch its first satellite


Ghana: The All Nations University College in Koforidua, Ghana, has announced its plans to launch its first satellite. “CANSAT,” built by the Intelligent Space System Laboratory of the university, is expected to sensitise prospective students who wish to pursue a career in the Space Science and Satellite Technology programme the university started offering last year.

The Intelligent Space System Laboratory was set up as an educational project to foster the integration and collaboration among engineering and science careers, as well as to encourage teamwork. To accomplish these goals, the students worked on the CANSAT project, a small satellite with all typical components such as sensors, actuators, and GPS, housed inside a 350-ml can.

The CANSAT project gave students practical training in conceptualising the mission, planning and designing the satellite as well as building and testing it. The lab is also working on establishing a satellite ground station for research purposes.

According to the university, the project enabled students to establish and international collaboration network. The university also announced it plans to design, build and launch a 3 Kg CubeSat into orbit by 2016.

Ashievi Kofi, director of Space Science Ghana, urged Ghana’s government to make a financial commitment to the university’s programme. According to Kofi, the program will help improve the economic development of the country. He mentioned China, South Korea, India, Malaysia and Singapore as examples of countries that applied science and technology as a tool for economic development.

Source: Satellite Today