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Ghana to setup national Fundamental Station

Accra: The Ghana Space Science and Technology Institute (GSSTI) has announced its plans to setup a national Fundamental Station in Ghana. The facility will play an important role in the maintenance of the Geodetic Reference Networks on the continent of Africa including the United African Reference Frame (AFREF). In addition, the station will be used in the monitoring of plate motion and other seismic activities including that in Southern Ghana, where the station would be located. The facility will complement the efforts of the only Fundamental Station (HartRAO)on the Africa Continent, located in South Africa.

As an integral component of the Fundamental Station, the Institute has announced its plans to establish a Continuously Operating Reference Station (CORS), for which it has approached Accra based Geo-Tech Systems Ltd. Knowing the impressive records of Geo-Tech Systems and their contribution towards Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) infrastructure establishment and applications in Ghana, the GSSTI has approached the company to request for GNSS equipment, CORS and other relevant accessories to help establish the Fundamental Station.

Source: Geo-Tech Systems