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‘Ghana should harness g-tech to monitor natural resources’

Ghana: Ghana risked losing its natural resources if policymakers did not make conscious efforts to utilise geospatial technology to monitor its resources, said Aida Opoku-Mensah, Director, United Nations Economic Commission Africa (UNECA).

She was talking at a workshop on Geospatial Science and Technology in Accra.

She indicated that “one of the reasons why we have not been able to harness geospatial technology is because our policymakers do not typically understand the strategic role it plays in the development context.”

Some African countries did not know how much oil is being produced per day from their shores because there was no due diligence and application of geospatial technology, she added.
Opoku-Mensah emphasised “it is high time we got politicians, legislators and planners to have a holistic approach to the use of technology to countries’ advantage.”

The workshop was aimed at educating journalists on the use of geospatial information in the newsroom by focusing on topics such as introduction to concepts of geospatial technologies, case studies of GIS and applications in Ghana with special emphasis on how to generate compelling stories.

Source: Daily Guide