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Ghana sets up open data platform

Ghana: Ghana has opened its data portal to allow people to access public data in a bid to promote dialogue with players in civil society and the media.

Known as the Ghana Open Data Portal (GODP), the initiative by the Communication ministry is also meant to promote dialogue with ordinary people.

The portal currently contains data obtained from the previous population census and elections.

It will have information on health, education, agricultural, budget and procurement systems.

“The vision is to develop an open data community bringing together government, civil society organisations, media practitioners, developers, academia and citizenry to interact with one another through an open data portal,” said Edwin Opare, an official at the Ghana Open Data Initiative (GODI).

Through the platform, he said, the government would be able to provide feedback that will influence decision and policy making based on accurate data.

He said the initiative will also improve service delivery and create an enabling environment for businesses to succeed.

Opare urged Ghanians to utilise the platform to help government achieve its objectives.

“We are at your service to provide all public government data,” he said.

“We would also like to take this opportunity to invite all of you to participate in the open data community building process to help achieve the objectives of this great initiative.”

Open date government programmers” all over the world have demonstrated multiple benefits.

Ghana hopes to use it to improve public services, economic growth and transparency and accountability.

Source: The Africa Report