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Ghana policy to regulate surveying and mapping

Ghana: The Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources, Ghana, under the Land Administration Programme (LAP) is developing a policy to regulate survey and mapping in the country. The sector minister, Mike Allen Hammah, said the policy aims to promote effective land administration in Ghana. Hammah said the new policy would help address the numerous land-related disputes in the country.

The minister expressed concern about the increasing cases of land disputes in the court and advised land owners to use qualified surveyors for the demarcation of their lands to avoid disputes.

He said the use of unprofessional surveyors brought about inaccuracies in boundary demarcation which often created land disputes.

Hammah indicated that studies conducted on the use of wayside professionals by land owners indicated that their services were cheaper and appeared to be faster.

He, therefore, called on the Land Survey Division to ensure that their service is affordable to the users.
To address the challenges facing the land tenure system, Hammah said the government was implementing the LAP to provide a long-term policy “which seeks to stimulate economic development, simplify the process of land acquisition in a transparent, efficient and fair manner and developing the land market and fostering prudent land management.

“No country can develop or sustain a civil society or promote economic development within its boundaries without internal confidence and public acceptance in its land rights and system of land administration,” he stated.

Hammah entreated the land survey professionals to employ the use of modern equipment to reduce the cost and time in providing services to their clients, saying the industry had receive unprecedented technological advancement in recent times.

He assured the Land Survey Division that the Survey Council Bill would soon be passed into the law to help regulate the survey profession.

The President of the Land Survey Division of the Ghana Institution of Surveyors, Daniel K. Kyere in his address called on the government to expedite action on the passage of the Survey Council Bill into law.

Source: Ghana