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Ghana open govt data portal to be ready by 2013

Ghana: The government of Ghana aims to complete the open government data portal by December 2013 with the implementation of the Ghana Open Data Initiative (GODI) to make government data available to citizens for re-use.

The initiative will make government processes more transparent and improve efficiency.

Eric Akumiah, Director of Operations, GODI, said that Ghana made a commitment in September 2010 to join the open government partnership, an initiative of the United States government. “GODI project would help government to get feedback from citizens on governance and improve policy development. It will also help government to prudently apply its resources,” he added.

Akumiah noted that the project planned to use public education to overcome perceived challenges of data collection and awareness for citizen’s use of data.

He said the open government data programmes around the world had demonstrated multiple benefits such as transparency and accountability, improved public services and economic growth.

“GODI is confident of a vibrant open data community by 2013 with both demand and supply sides very active,” he added.

The programme is to be implemented by the National Information Technology Agency together with Web Foundation and its development partners.

Source: Ghana Business