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GGP And TENET help local councils improve accuracy of map records

GGP Systems is helping local authorities in U.K. improve the accuracy of their computer records through special software that repositions mapped asset locations to match updated Ordnance Survey maps. The development follows a new joint venture with TENET, the company behind the innovative ‘MapRite’ software. Mapped ‘overlay’ records stored in GGP’s GIS are re-aligned automatically. This saves a considerable amount of time by eliminating tedious manual updating.

Ordnance Survey is presently undertaking a major update of its maps using advanced satellite position fixing systems. This nationwide Positional Accuracy Improvement (PAI) programme has a serious knock on effect in local authorities. Their GIS teams have spent years building geographically referenced databases for everything from street lights to buildings and protected trees. Positions become out of synch when Ordnance Survey supply corrected base maps. MapRite reduces the Positional Accuracy problems by up to 95% using novel and sophisticated technology to reposition all spatially located assets automatically.

TENET is a leading provider of software for interactive data visualisation and spatial information systems, the tie up with GGP Systems is important as 120 local authorities use GGP. With MapRite able to provide significant time and resource savings, authorities nationwide will be able to benefit. GGP Systems has become an authorised reseller for TENET and can provide the associated support and training services as well as the GGP-integrated MapRite software.