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GFK’s latest digital maps for all GIS

The updating of all maps for all 39 European countries has been completed. All digital maps by GfK MACON are updated annually and systematically extended.

For the first time digital maps for the following countries has been established: 3-digit postcode areas for Ukraine, 4-digit postcode areas for Belarus and 5-digit postcode areas for Bosnia and Herzegovina, Malta and Greece. “Enquiry and changing of administrative entities or postal areas take almost 75 percent of a year’s workload”, says Klaus Dittmann, cartographer with 10 years service at GfK MACON.
A special highlight was celebrated by the cartographers at the end of the year. An updated map for China with 4-digit postcode areas, totally attributed with Chinese signs and Pinyin has been available since October.

Among updating of digital maps GfK MACON worked for the first time with data offered by EUROSTAT, the Statistical Office of the European Community. These data put into graphs are part of the latest software version of RegioGraph and DISTRICT.