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GfK updates digital maps of Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Germany: GfK GeoMarketing updated its digital maps for Germany, Austria and Switzerland to reflect the latest status. The new map editions for Germany, Austria and Switzerland include all available maps of postcode and administrative levels such as municipalities and districts as well as supplementary topographic details. The maps provide a reliable basis for detailed market analysis and planning.

Klaus Dittmann, head of the cartography division at GfK GeoMarketing said, “Since 2011, reforms have resulted in around 1,000 changes to postal and administrative boundaries in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. There has been an especially large number of changes in Germany, including a district reform in the federal state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, around 100 dissolved municipalities, almost 800 renamed municipalities as well as more than 300 new five-digit postcodes. Approximately 100 maps, contained in the new 2012 map editions for Germany, Austria and Switzerland, reveal the latest official status of the boundaries and regional levels in these countries.”

The new maps provide comprehensive and detailed cartographic coverage of the three countries’ administrative and postal boundaries, as well as topographic details. Digital maps of postal boundaries (e.g., the five-digit postcodes in Germany) and administrative boundaries (federal states, districts and municipalities) comprise the foundation for software-based spatial analyses.

Geomarketing analyses require up-to-date maps, as outdated boundaries result in errors when carrying out software-based regional analyses. Only up-to-date maps ensure that customer data can be correctly imported into the maps and subsequently visualised and evaluated by a mapping software. The latest maps are also required in order to correctly import and analyse company turnover figures and external data on market potential.

Source: GfK Geomarketing