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Gfk releases risk analysis maps of Philippines

Germany: GfK GeoMarketing has released a new map edition of the Philippines, including a detailed map of the country’s four-digit postcodes. These digital postcode and administrative maps offer a precise, reliable foundation for regional risk analyses.

The Philippines are particularly at risk from natural catastrophes such as tsunamis, typhoons, floods and volcanic eruptions. In 2008, the environmental organisation Germanwatch ranked the Philippines eighth among countries hardest hit by natural disasters. At the same time, the country draws a significant number of investors, particularly in the energy and hotel real estate branches. Up-to-date, detailed maps with coverage of postcode and administrative boundaries comprise the foundation for risk management among insurance and reinsurance companies.

The level of detail corresponds to a scale of at least 1:300,000 when compared to conventional paper maps. In many instances – such as coastlines – the coverage is significantly more detailed. The map edition comprises a total of 14 maps.

The maps now feature around 27,000 cities, organised into four population size categories with coverage down to a size bracket of under 20,000 inhabitants. The maps also depict the most important streets and bodies of water, providing a detailed cartographic basis for all possible applications in the insurance industry.

“The Philippines pose particular challenges to insurance and reinsurance companies due to the unusually elevated risk of natural disasters capable of causing substantial damage,” explained Klaus Dittmann, head of cartography at GfK GeoMarketing.

The new maps of the Philippines fit seamlessly with the worldwide, official CRESTA natural disaster zones, for which GfK GeoMarketing is the official provider. All map objects feature both native and international place-name attributions. As such, the new maps integrate seamlessly with the worldwide labeling schema used by GfK GeoMarketing.

Like all of GfK GeoMarketing’s digital maps, the new maps of the Philippines are available in all standard digital map formats, including *.shp (ESRI), *.mid/*.mif (MapInfo), *.gdb (Geodatabase) and Oracle.
Source: Gfk GeoMarketing