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GfK MACON publishes Norway 2005 Map Edition

GfK MACON has now completed the new digital maps for the Norway edition on 2005 status. The 2004 map material has not only been completely revised, it has also been expanded to include a map of the four-digit postcode districts. The Norway Edition comprises all postal and administrative units as well as a large selection of topographical map layers, such as roads, railway lines, populated areas and elevations. The digital maps are provided as vector data records in the standard GIS formats Shape (ESRI), mid/mif (MapInfo) and RegioGraph (GfK MACON). All map objects are fully inscribed and include the national as well as the international terminology and characters where necessary. The Norway Edition includes a map showing the four-digit postcode districts, the country’s smallest postal unit. The digital representation of the four-digit postcode areas was a demanding task for the cartographers at GfK MACON, because Norway currently has 3,065 four-digit postcode districts. All map levels, from the postal through the administrative to the topographical, have been re-digitalized on the basis of sample maps with a scale of 1:50,000. Subsequently, the map material was also compared with the latest satellite pictures of each region. This guarantees the high level of precision, even with such features as Norway’s fjords, which form a particularly intricate coastline.
The Norway Edition, including all administrative and postal maps, is available from GfK MACON now. GfK MACON in Germany has been a provider of Geomarketing solutions since 1991.