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GfK Geomarketing releases

Germany, 8 October 2006 – GfK Geomarketing has released ‘Purchasing Power Germany’ dataset.

Purchasing power varies from region to region. Different purchasing power indices provide information about the disposable income of consumers in the areas where they live. General purchasing power is calculated based on the total net income per region. Purchasing power is determined directly where consumers live. As a result, purchasing power provides an important indicator of the consumption potential of the population living in an area. The following statistics are considered in calculating purchasing power:

– Income from self-employment (including tourism)
– Income from non self-employment
– Income from agriculture and forestry (including government assistance)
– Income from rental properties and leases
– Income from capital assets
– Income from transfer payments (unemployment payments, retirement pensions, old age pensions, child benefit payments, support payments)
Not included are earnings from the underground economy, bribe payments, barter trade or payments in kind.

The data set Purchasing Power contains the following columns of information:
– Absolute population
– Absolute number of households
– Purchasing power index per inhabitant
– Purchasing power index per household
– Absolute purchasing power per area in millions of euros
– Absolute purchasing power per inhabitant in euros
– Purchasing power in thousands per area

GfK Purchasing Power helps calculate regional potential. Thus, it is suitable for all companies who sell either directly or indirectly to end consumers. Sales generated from higher-value durable and non-durable consumer goods, travel, services, real estate, leisure activities, new car purchases etc. are directly dependent on the level of buying power and the population’s disposable income.

– GfK GeoMarketing
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