GfK GeoMarketing digitises maps of Central and South America

GfK GeoMarketing digitises maps of Central and South America


Germany: GfK GeoMarketing has updated and digitised maps for all Central and South American countries. The company provides approximately 500 digital maps, a reliable cartographic basis for detailed analyses and planning in this region.

The new map editions provide coverage of at least the two-digit postcode boundaries of all Central and South American countries with postcode systems – five-digit coverage is available for some Caribbean islands, Puerto Rico and Costa Rica. Comprehensive coverage of postcode boundaries is available for the first time for many countries, including Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Mexico. The digitisation of the cities has also been enhanced – for example, the maps of Cuba feature coverage of around 2,300 cities, organised into five size categories.

The topographic maps have also been improved: Waterbodies and coastlines are finely rendered in all of the maps, corresponding to a level of detail at least comparable to a conventional paper map scale of 1:100,000. The maps thus support an enormous array of applications. These range from business uses such as geomarketing to natural catastrophe planning by NGOs and detailed risk assessment by reinsurance companies.

Klaus Dittmann, head of cartography at GfK GeoMarketing, said, “The re-digitisation and expansion of the maps for Central and South American was a very demanding process. Our cartography division spent months researching, verifying and re-digitising the maps. Comprehensive, detailed and up-to-date maps are essential for those active in the dynamic markets of Central and South America, such as the insurance industry, which needs highly detailed and accurate maps.”

Source: GfK GeoMarketing