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GfK Europe Map Edition 2011-12 depicts reforms

Bruchsal, Germany: Europe-wide regional reforms took place in 2010 as part of cost-saving measures among administrative and political bodies. This resulted in the dissolution of thousands of postcodes and municipalities throughout Europe. GfK GeoMarketing’s recently released GfK Europe Map Edition 2011/2012 reflects these changes for 42 European countries. The approximately 1,000 administrative and postcode maps comprise the basis for regional analyses in marketing, sales, controlling and expansion planning.
GfK GeoMarketing’s cartographers researched and digitised the thousands of changes that occurred over the past year to Europe’s postal and administrative boundaries. Numerous reforms to administrative and postal structures were implemented in Poland, Sweden, Turkey and especially Greece. All of these changes are reflected in the newly available GfK Europe Map Edition 2011/2012, which offers gapless, overlap-free coverage of all of Europe.
Countries affected by comprehensive boundary changes include: Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Spain and Turkey. 
Some of the features that characterize the new map edition include comprehensive coverage of Europe, seamlessly fitting and overlap-free boundaries, national and local place-name attributions and infinite zoom capability.
Like all of the digital maps sold by GfK GeoMarketing, the new GfK Europe Map Edition is available in all standard digital map formats, including *.shp (ESRI), *.mid/*.mif (MapInfo), *.gdb (GeoDatabase) and *.lay (GfK GeoMarketing). The maps are also available in the Oracle (Spatial) database format for use in Oracle Business Intelligence applications.
GfK GeoMarketing offers the new digital maps for 42 European countries as stand-alone country sets and as part of a Western Europe, Eastern Europe or comprehensive Europe package. Perfectly fitting, up-to-date GfK purchasing power data is also available for all of Europe. The maps in the Europe Map Edition are part of GfK GeoMarketing’s cartographic coverage of 240 countries, the world’s largest collection of digital administrative and postcode maps. 
Source: GfK GeoMarketing