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Getting to Know Esri Business Analyst released

US: Esri released a workbook, Getting to Know Esri Business Analyst, by Fred L. Miller. It teaches entrepreneurs how to use a wide range of Business Analyst applications to develop opportunities and serve customers more efficiently. Readers learn by completing fully illustrated, step-by-step exercises based on the growth of a hypothetical startup business, from its conception to its emergence as a national enterprise.

The workbook gives readers the skills to make better business decisions using the tools available in the Business Analyst suite. Data for completing the exercises is available on a DVD that comes packaged with the workbook.

Business Analyst software combines GIS technology with national business, demographic, consumer spending, and street data, allowing entrepreneurs to quickly analyze business opportunities in their area.

Miller is Thomas Hutchens Distinguished Professor of Marketing and Business GIS in the Department of Management, Marketing, and Business Administration at Murray State University (MSU), Murray, Kentucky. He is also director of MSU’s Regensburg Exchange Programs.

Source: Esri