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Getting to know ArcObjects

A new book from ESRI Press teaches ArcGIS users how to use ArcObjects to get the most out of ArcGIS Desktop. Getting to Know ArcObjects: Programming ArcGIS With VBA leads readers through ArcObjects components, what individual objects do, and how to program objects to execute specific GIS tasks. Readers will gain a thorough understanding of ArcObjects as the technology framework of ArcGIS and learn how to customize the ArcGIS user interface. This book is organized into three sections. The first section, “Understanding VBA,” teaches the basics of object-oriented programming with Visual Basic for Applications. The second section, “Understanding ArcObjects,” explains the set of objects that comprises ArcObjects and how to work with it. The final section, “Using ArcObjects,” utilizes the knowledge learned in earlier chapters to teach the reader how to program specific sets of ArcObjects to perform practical GIS tasks. Both programmers and non-programmers can use the book to learn about ArcObjects in a non-intimidating way through easy-to-understand terms, examples, and conceptual descriptions. Readers with a comfortable knowledge of an object-oriented language may start the book from the second section, where they will learn how to read object model diagrams and use programming interfaces on the ArcObjects development platform.

Getting to Know ArcObjects, written by Robert Burke, uses step-based exercises involving code that can be adapted for readers’ own projects. Diagrams, color graphics, and conceptual material provide support for self-learners, instructors in the classroom, and those looking for more understanding about ArcGIS and how to create personalized environments. Burke, a senior instructor and technical writer at ESRI, has detailed experience teaching GIS concepts. He is also an instructor of GIS and programming courses at the University of Redlands, California. The book comes with a companion CD that contains the complete set of ArcObjects object model diagrams, spatial data used in the exercises, and exercise code and results. The CD does not include ArcGIS Desktop software; a licensed copy of ArcView 8.3, ArcEditor 8.3, or ArcInfo 8.3 is needed to do the exercises. A companion Web site (www.esri.com/GTKArcObjects) offers additional resources and workbook updates to help readers continue their learning experience.