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Getmapping releases Mobile Imagery API

Hartley Wintney, UK, August 15, 2007: Getmapping, the UK’s aerial imagery provider, announced the release of an Imagery API for mobile devices. The API will give developers access to Getmapping’s complete archive of aerial photography of Britain, at a variety of zoom levels up to 12.5 cm per pixel. Because of the increased clarity provided by the photography, mobile users will be able to see details on the ground as small as garden furniture and road markings anywhere in the country.
The API is a lightweight REST-based interface that will make it easy for application developers to integrate Getmapping’s imagery into mobile services.
“It has been clear for several years that imagery would one day have an important part to play in mobile location-based services, but until now mobile devices have not had the power or the screen sizes to handle such detail effectively. However, the new generation of mobiles can handle these images and we expect that imagery-based applications will soon be commonplace,” said Gopal Krishnan, Getmapping’s technical director.