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Getmapping launches new website

UK: Getmapping has launched a new website to focus attention on the new products and services it will be offering to its customers during 2009. Getmapping are in the capture of digital aerial photography of Britain and online delivery to businesses and the public at large through getmapping.com. The new site has been built from the ground up and continues to serve customers who wish to order data online but will now provide much more information about the company and its services.

Flying continues to be at the heart of the Getmapping operation, it has two of its own digital cameras to carry out its re-fly program and fly-to-order contracts and has access to additional resources due to its membership of the AeroGRID consortium (https://www.aerogrid.net) enabling it to make the most of Britain’s infrequent clear weather intervals.

The availability of this rich combination of data enables Getmapping to offer a range of other services including 3D landscapes and building models. The company also supplies a full complement of mapping products from both the Ordnance Survey and the nascent People’s Map project.