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Getmapping and Astun Technology assist local authorities

Hartley Wintney, UK, September 10, 2007: High resolution imagery from Getmapping Plc combined with iShareMaps (a web mapping technology from Astun Technology), South Tyneside council now offers residents access to map-accurate aerial photography as well as conventional base mapping. As aerial photography is more recognizable to residents, it provides a service that empowers the public with knowledge of their immediate environment. In addition, it offers an invaluable tool for those looking to move to the area.

“People have been very positive. They think My South Tyneside is an excellent service and have found it easy to use. All councils are trying to present information by location. We give members of the public complete access to useful information in their area; citizens get information about local schools, doctors, submitted planning permission and even up-to-the-minute road works. The aerial photography has improved the site further as it helps the public recognise landmarks and makes the whole experience more interesting” said Steve Borthwick, South Tyneside council web content developer.

Once set up it provides a host of facilities; these include the ability to zoom into maps, a sophisticated search function and a query tool, along with information on local services and location related public alerts. It also provides access to extensive planning details showing exactly where the application relates to and what the proposed changes are. The aerial photography complements the package by providing visual information on changes and the effect they will have on the environment.